Carbide Cutting Tools

These tools are advanced and expensive compared to the conventional HSS cutting tools, and finds its usage in challenging applications of today’s modern cutting and machining industries where the HSS tools fails or is not able to provide satisfactory results. Solid carbide tools Grains and granular structure makes these tools very different & efficient on high speeds, yet they are brittle in nature. These are usually used on materials with high hardness, and are also custom made as per customers requirement.
  1. Carbide Inserts & Insert Holders
  2. Solid Carbide Drills
  3. Carbide Tipped Drills
  4. Solid Carbide Endmills(2FL/4FL/SQ/BN)
  5. Solid Carbide Reamers
  6. Solid Carbide Rougher Endmills