Magnetic & Non-Magnetic Tools

These are a whole range of versatile tools used in a wide range of application, usually in a quality lab or a tool room, where job requires to be clamped for further inspection, or transfer of magnetism or demagnetization is required, and consists of several other Precision tools grinded and lapped to a high accuracy to assist in a smooth and hassle free inspection.
  • Hardened & Ground Magnetic V Blocks
  • Hardened & Ground V Block With Clamp
  • Parallel Blocks
  • Support Screw Jack
  • Hardened And Ground Precision Grinding Vice
  • Sine Vice
  • Sine Bar
  • Sine-Table
  • Magnetic Tool Setting Gauge
  • Hardened & Ground Try – Square
  • Permanent Magnetic Sweeper
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Transfer Blocks
  • Universal Surface Gauge
  • Heavy Duty Dial Indicator Stand
  • Magnetic Bases
  • Magnetic Tool Setting Gauge
  • Electro Magnetic Chuck
  • Permanent Magnetic Lifter
  • Demagnetizers
  • Hardened & Ground Steel Straight Edge