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This range of gauges are very handy and economic and are basically an engineers friend, they are very simply designed for the usage by even a layman with basic knowledge, and are series of gauges suiting different applications were moderate to high inspection has to be made, and find their application in educational institutes, training institutes, and engineering industries.

    • Steel Scales
    • Steel Protractors
    • Depth Gauges
    • Combination Try & Meter Square – 2PC
    • Combination Try & Metric Square – 4PC
    • Universal Bevel Protector
    • Wire Gauges
    • Centre Gauges
    • Screw Cutting Gauge
    • Universal Gauge
    • Twist Drill Gauge
    • Bore Gauge
    • Radius Gauges
    • Drill Gauges
    • Taper Gauge
    • Circumference Gauges
    • Spirit Level – 12″ , 24″
    • Engineer’s Square – 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”
    • Height Gauge
    • Welding Gauges
    • Rivet Gauge
    • Feeler Gauges
    • Feeler Strips
    • Feeler Gauge Holder
    • Pipe Pit Gauge
    • Hi Hi-Lo Welding gauge (HLWG)
    • V-Pulley Gauge Set of ABCD
    • Screw Pitch Gauge
    • Acme Screw Pitch Gauge
    • Angle Gauges
    • Engineer´s Kit
    • Metal Sliding Bevel Gauge
    • Calipers
    • Set Squares
    • Marking Gauge
    • Centre Square
    • Multi-Use Rule & Gauge
    • Tyre Depth Gauge
    • 600 mm Folding Rule With Angle Calculation Chord
    • 29 ° Screw Thread Tool Gauge
    • Gear Tooth Pitch Gauge
    • Hook Rule Cum Drill Point Gauge
    • Deluxe CNC Tool Setting Gauge
    • CNC Tool Setting Gauge
    • Pipe Sizer
    • Center Finder Assembly
    • Reference Table With Rule
    • Spindle Turner´s Gauge
    • V – Pulley Gauge Set Of A, B,C, D
    • 12 Leaves Weld Gauge cum Radius Gauge Set (WRGS – 12L)
    • Digital Height Gauge (2819 / 2919)

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